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      Justin Bishop

      Hello everybody,

      I hope this is the right section to post. I’m writing from Milan, Italy (I’ve tried to write in an Italian forum, but nobody replied, Rinnai water heaters are relatively new here).

      Two years ago I bought a Rinnai Infinity 11 water heater. I used to have a Beretta (an Italian make, I’m not sure if it’s known in the US) that worked alright for about 10 years.

      When I wanted to change it, I intended to buy a new Beretta, but the seller insisted to install a Rinnai (I wonder why?). As far as the temperature is concerned, at the beginning it worked OK, but the problem is that it’s incredibly noisy!

      At the beginning, it made a loud noise when I turned it on; then, after various controls by the technicians (for which, of course, I had to pay every time) now the noise is a bit lower when is turned on, but it’s louder during the use.

      Now, even if the temperature is set at 38° C, the water is very hot for the first couple of minutes.

      I’m so, so disappointed by this water heater, I spent more than 1.600 Euros, not to count the money I had to spend for the technicians that came to control it.

      I can’t believe that, with all the technology at hand, Rinnai can’t seem to build a water heater that doesn’t sound like a steam engine from mid-1800! Marite2012-12-09 08:11:34

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