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      peter hastie

      Hi All,
      Just finished installing the bathtub/shower valve on the second of two back-to-back bathrooms I’m remodeling in hour house. Everything went together fine (no leaks) but after I filled the system I notice I now have a water hammer every time I use the faucets, toilet, or shower in the first bathroom. Thinking the problem was the air chambers upstream of the new valve I removed the home made 1/2″ chambers and fabbed some home made 3/4″ chambers. The water hammer is still there. I’ve drained and recharged the lines several times but nothing seems to help. Any ideas?
      Here’s a link to a picture of my work. http://i1255.photobucket.com/albums/hh622/mammonista/showerplumbing_edited-1_zpsf4356ad1.jpg
      Thanks in advance,

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      As per my knowledge, water hammer is caused by the flow of water being immediately stopped inside your water pipes, try solving that. If problem still persists, take help of professional plumbers.

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      Duh? Did you read my post? I was hoping for some more substantial ideas…

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      Water hammer is a home water pipe problem that is irritating. Water hammer doesn’t usually damage plumbing, but it can certainly create some problems in the structure of home. Hence, it would be best to let a professional plumber sort out the problem.

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