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      Please help!

      One of my radiators isn’t working: it’s full of water but the water is cold. The building I live in (I’m on the 3rd floor) has communal heating and uses an old oil boiler but currently a new gas boiler is being installed and while this happens a temporary boiler has been put in. The temp boiler is up and running now. I asked the on site plumber about my radiator and he said if it has water in it then it is not a problem with the boiler but probably means the valve in the radiator needs fixing. Does this sound right? – ( I would have thought the water came up hot from the boiler …?). Confused as the radiator was working last winter.

      Also, another of my radiators (which is old – 1930s) is hardly giving out any heat – some of the water than came out when I bled it was black; does this mean it is blocked by sludge? I have been advised to have my radiators cleaned. Is this really expensive?

      Thank you very much   

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      As its already broken, the best thing to do in here, is to replace the broken radiator with the new one. Make sure that you are calling in professional to get the job done.

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