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      Young Plumb

      I’m having a bathroom put in and the existing water supply is on the other side of the house. The existing supply is DN 15 copper pipe, both for the cold and hot water. The plumber intends to continue this to the other side of the house (approx 8-10m) to supply the shower, toilet, bath and 2 sinks. I’m a bit concered there will not be enough water pressure. I was expecting both hot and cold to be piped in at DN 20 off the mains/hot water tank then down to DN 15 as it splits to the various outlets. Should I get a second opinion on this or does it sound ok?
      Thanks for any help…

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      In this situation, it would be best if you are taking help of professional plumbing company. I am sure that they can easily help to sort this problem of yours.

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      Steel Pipes and Steel Tubes have many uses and are used for Domestic Water Systems for carrying water to Homes and offices, as part of indoor plumbing.
      aydanvern2013-05-03 22:39:51

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      I would be inclined to agree that you should use the larger diameter pipe then reduce after the tee piece.

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