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      jason west

      I discovered my cold water tank in the loft overflowing. It appears that cold water feeding the rest of the house is forcing its way into the hot water tank and pushing this hot water back into the cold water storage tank, causing its to overflow with hot water. I have been advised this may be because the higer cold water pressure arriving at my thermostatic shower mixer is overpowering the hot water and forcing it back into the hot water tank, and that a one way valve will stop this from happening. Does this sound plausible?

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      You need to check your hot water tank from expert plumber. magicplumbers2012-10-15 23:48:19

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      Only a professional plumber can let you know the exact problem you are suffering with your hot water and cold water storage tank.

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      A water storage tank is a container used in case of calamities. The design of these dates back from the old times and the basic use for storing liquid is to provide a facility for drinking, irrigation and other household and industrial use.

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      Water storage is the most essential part of any storage plan. If you have an experience, with water storage tank, then you can easily construct a one in a weekend for relatively little expense and effort.

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      Contact your local professional Plumbing company and tell them your Problem.

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      These types of systems need to have one-way check valves installed at critical points.

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      In my opinion, if you are able to check your both water storage tank then you need to confirm the level of tank first because this would confirm mains water entering the hot water system. You may also check the connecting pipe for blockage. If the all above thing is right and work properly then you need to call a professional plumber to fix this problem. Hope it would be helpful for you.   

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      As stated you need to replaced or install check valves into the feed pipes. Ideally your hot and water supplies should be balanced so that they are equal pressures.

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