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      Jason Vogel

      We just moved into a new house 8 months ago. We had warranty send a plumber to fix a wiggly toilet which he did. Two days later the main drain clogged up and a plumber came out again to clear the lines. This was a Sunday so warranty sent him back a weekday to change a wax ring which had blown. Two days later the lines were clogged up, and again a plumber fixed this. Warranty has paid for all of this. However, after this last visit they blame the whole thing on us using too much toilet paper (not true) and/or improper use of the garbage disposer. The latter is true as we have learned. However, the kitchen sink has never been blocked and drained just fine during both incidents, while the toilets, shower, and bathtubs were stopped up. I cannot understand this. To me it is physically impossible that garbage from the sink could block the main line, without blocking itself. Unless sewage somehow is running backwards? Can anyone enlighten me on this since it is obviously the standpoint of the plumber and warranty. My own favorite explanation is that the plumbers managed to scrape off part of the wax ring into the drain line while attaching the toilets and two days later this had created a clog.

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      Have you tried considering taking help of a professional and reputed plumber, if not then visit this link: to hire one for your plumbing problems.

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      Yes, we did that and they found a piece of a flange in the main drain. This was dropped there by the previous plumbers when they fixed a leaking commode. It’s just sad that they tried to hide this and blame it on us, because I’m sure they found it when they sent a camera through the lines but couldn’t remove it. Anyway, the piece has now been removed and we got reimbursed for the cost.

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      With a little knowledge, clogged drains are usually easy enough to correct on your own. With a few inexpensive tools and a little practice you can clear up all but the most stubborn drain clogs in less than an hour.

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      Glad to hear you got your issue resolved fangio

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