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      Cesary E.Jaramilla

      We have an older house, and only the cold water inlet hose for the washing machine can be connected to a tap. I understand that both the hot and cold inlet hoses have to be connected to the machine, which they are. When the machine is filling, water comes out of the unattached inlet hose, from the machine? I have the hose going into the trough, but how can i stop this flow of wasted water?

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      I’m having the same issue, any suggestions are appreciated! I’m not really excited about the idea of wasting so much water

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      I found what I needed! A cap valve. For Fisher and Paykel it is part # 388491p and about $15. I ended up just emailing Fisher and Paykel, so maybe try that, depending on your make. Hope I helped!!

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      Thanks for sharing this information, it is really informative as well as helpful. Keep sharing more such posts.

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      Washing machine inlet hoses connect to shut-off valves that supply the appliance with clean water. The two most common types of inlet hoses are a reinforced rubber hose and a stainless steel braided hose. The difference between the two is the braided hose has a higher burst resistance and costs a little more. Installing the inlet hoses yourself eliminates the cost associated with hiring a professional technician.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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