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      Jems Bond

      Hi there, I’ve come searching the globe for help because here in Australia I’m getting zero help from my developers plumber, the builders plumber and the plumbing commission. If they can’t help or should I say won’t i don’t know what to do. Maybe throwing this open to a global audience might result in some answers.

      Story goes.. I moved from a rented apartment of 1 year old to a brand new apartment that i bought, both done by the same builder and developer. Both are part of a development of 30 apartments each.

      Both apartments have exactly the same hot water system.. a Vulcan 135 litre gas system. My new apartment has grey water tank which i think runs the toilets and maybe the washing machine???

      At the rented apartment i would get at least 30minutes hot water. I never usually went past 15 minute showers. My water bill said i averaged around 110 litres a day of water usage in total. There was no grey water here. I had NO issues.

      From day one of moving into the new apartment I have had issues, i moved into it in March 2010!!!! No water issues have been resolved! The first issue was the hot water in the shower never ever goes beyond 6-7 minutes before going stone cold. My friends in neighbouring apartments with EXACTLY the same hot water system, same showerheads are getting easily 30 minutes. The second issue is i am being charged for 250-300 litres per day of water now.

      This is double what i had at the rented apartment yet i have grey water now and i have 6 minute showers compared to 15-20 previously!! How is this possible? My water bill is higher than my friend and his wife, who live two doors away!

      The company Rheem who supply Vulcan systems checked the system and said it is fine it is heating the water… you dont say!!! how hot was never the issue, lack of it after 6 minutes is!! they even replaced it and no change to my problem!!

      I have unhappily lived with this but the other day i woke up, had a quick 6 minute shower then 20 minute later went to give my 11 month old son a bath!!! the water was luke warm for 1 minute and stone cold.. i couldnt give him a bath and was furious!!

      one plumber said there is no leak anywhere as i suggested might be possible, as he said the pipes run through the walls and the roof and you would see water damage immediately if it was leaking.

      the commission is telling me if i cant prove why its happening then they can’t prove who is responsible!! this further infuriates me, everyone seems to put it in the too hard basket!

      my builder has been very helpful with all my issues… not… “you get what you pay for” was his response to one!! i didnt realise $320,000 was a cheap amount of money for anything!!!!

      so the plumbers that have come and gone have basically tweaked the tempering valve and one might have even tried taking it off? i’m not sure. obviously with no success, or maybe an extra 30 seconds of hot water!!!

      either way i’m getting reamed here in volume of hot water and the ridiculousness of being overcharged.. and it will just continue whilst i live there and of course whenever i sell the new owners would inherit this problem!!!

      HELPPPPP please :-)sodders2012-08-01 16:08:20

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      This is quite a strange forum… so far i’ve had over 100 views and no responses… the topic below has had a staggering 30,000+ views for JUST 7 responses… BIZARRE!!! don’t be afraid people, a forum is meant for open discussion and in my case assistance haha :-)

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