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      Hi I have just bought a flat where the water has been drained and there are stickers all over the toilet sinks etc saying don’t use water drained.

      So I have turned the water on under the sink, but there is an immersion heater shown below and water is running past the black part in the middle (which has gaps around it) and into the thick white pipe (which i’m guessing is the overflow) im not sure what the tap is for on the left and the green tap in the tap right. When I turned the green tap a little bit anti-clockwise I heard like a release of air but turn it back quickly.

      basically just wondering if anyone can help? Thanks Joe

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      As per my knowledge, if the water heater is acting up and not heating right, then there is either a problem with one of the breakers, one of the heating elements or with the circuit breaker.

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      We all know the important of heating system in cold days. In fact, heating repairs become a must when your heating system breaks down during the cold days. Water heaters eventually break, but repairing or replacing depends on age, condition, and budget.
      briancooper2013-02-28 22:43:37

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      Hi Brian, you have what is called an unvented cylinder there. The black bit with holes in it is called a tundish. Water is discharging through the tundish beacause there is a fault with the system. Essentially an emergency release has activated. Unvented cylinders can be extremely dangerous so there are a number of safety mechanisms built in to this system. You may need to employ a local plumber or heating engineer to assist you. Make sure they have their G3 unvented ticket. Where abouts in the world are you?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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