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      Joseph W. Waltimyer

      Have a problem.

      I am installing a summer kitchen on my Patio and there is existing 3 or 4 inch plumbing drain going straight down into the foundation with a cap on top. I have no Idea if this is tied into the roof drain vent but I do not believe it is unless its tied in under the foundation.

      I am installing a dual sink, There is a adapter on the existing 3in drain to feed the drain from the sinks into.

      I want to incorporate a drain valve in my installation.

      I was thinking for ease of installation i could use a Studor Maxi vent on the existing drain pipe as it has a cap on top of the drain going into the floor. However If this drain is connected to the roof vent could that be to much air being let in and cause drain problems.



      Use a small vent After the trap prior to the drain

      Another option i was toying around with was bringing both sink drains to a common 4 way prior to the trap and installing a vent there?

      I would put a picture here but i can’t figure out how.?

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      I would use an Air Admittance Valve for the vent. You can purchase these at Home Centers. Behind the sinks trap, install a tee looking upwards. Cut a piece of pipe long enough to go as high as possible with the AAV on top of it. AAV’s are normally used on island sinks where a vent pipe going upwards is not possible.swneligan312012-08-05 00:55:37

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      I would have also used Air admittance valve for the situation you are facing. I would like to add that Air admittance valves are used to provided internal venting for soil and ventilating stacks – this can either be within rooms or the roof space.

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      You are spending a lot of money on your stud guards. I have never seen those before, but they are definitely overkill. You only need to cover the front of the stud were the drywall will touch. Plumbing looks good though.

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      In this situation, I would recommend you to take help of professional, who can easily replace the outdoor sink at an affordable price.

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