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      Hey guy’s,

      I am chasing some information on a leaky valve,

      It is the valve on the left, it is leaking from the little hole in the top, I have had a look for a similar part, but I have had no luck.

      I bought a pressure relief valve today on a hunch (pictured above leaky valve) but the fittings and length aren’t the same.

      any information appreciated,

      thanks in advance,


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      If you haven’t yet tried online, then I would recommend you to search online for the exact length and size of valve you have in your home. You can also call professional plumbers, as they have most of the parts which are required to do the job. plumberpnx2012-08-17 15:59:16

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      If the leak persists, before replacing the entire valve, try this. Turn off the water at the house’s main shutoff, then disassemble the problematic shutoff valve without disconnecting the valve from either the water supply line or the line leading to the toilet. Unscrew the handle, the packing nut and the threaded valve stem.

      Clean the washers with a cloth and flex the neoprene to try to get it supple again. Avoid gumming up the inside of the shutoff valve; don’t use any pipe dope or plastic tape on the valve stem’s threads. Reassemble the shutoff valve, turn the main house valve back on and check for leaks. If the valve leak persists, turn off the main water shutoff valve, then disconnect the valve and replace it.

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      Clamp locking pliers to the old soldered valve and heat the valve with a propane torch. When the solder melts, twist the valve back and forth while pulling it off. Wipe the end of the pipe with a cloth immediately after removing the valve to get rid of old solder. (Wear a glove so you don’t burn your hand.

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      I have also suffered from the same problem. Hence, try this, first shut off the water to the leaking valve. Then remove the handle from the stem and then loosen and remove the packing nut. If that doesn’t work, then it would be best to take help of professional plumbing company.

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      Thanks for sharing many great tips for valve replacement. However, I haven’t suffered from any such problems, yet. I am gonna bookmark this thread for later use, if required.

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