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      At what height should the lavatory p-trap be located off the finished floor?

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      Is this a multiple choice question? Do we get to choose if this is a vanity or a pedestal sink? Can we PEEK at a roughing book for the brand and type of “basin’ your asking about? How about if we give you the roughing height for Americans with disabilities act measurements? (ADA) OR barrier Free Designs where we try to keep the TRAP out of the way as much as possible for someone in a wheel chair from accidentally getting burned from the hot water entering this fitting.

      Are you asking this on a Code Question,( which code) OR a manufacturers roughing (which model and manufacturer) OR as a general question used by tract house specialists who guesstimate where the FF. will finally end up?

      Yup PLUMMMMIN sure can be confusing huh?

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      Assuming a standard height of 31″, 18″ up from finished floor will work with most vanities.

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      I rough-in the outlet for a lavatory drain at 18″ from finished floor to centre of outlet. Marty

Viewing 3 reply threads
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