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      I recently had my hot water tank go ($$$) but at least that’s up and going again…

      The new problem is we turned off the water valve for the main water line inside the house. It’s a simple looking brass valve (says 3/8 on the side) that connects to the incoming water line from the street and then into the water pressure regulator (I think, I’m no plumber). When we turned the valve back on (three or four turns of the valve) water comes spraying out of the valve stem. The best I can get it is when it’s nearly 100% open. Then there’s just a little moisture that forms over a minute or so.

      I’d really like to avoid having to call the city to have them turn off the water at the street ($$), get a plumber in to take out the brass value and have the city put the water back on.

      I’m also afraid to mess too much with it as I really don’t want my house full of water if I break it.


      Here’s a picture of the valve (it’s inside a wall)

      – Keith

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      I don’t know where your house is located, or even if you’re in the USA. I presume you are connected to a municipal water service. If you’re in a city in the USA, most municipalities install water meters at the curb on the sidewalk, and these meters have a keyed shut-off valve that you can open and close to shut of the water to the house. You can go to the meter box and shut off this valve to work on your plumbing system. Ity’s real easy, but if you have to ask, you probably should seek expert help.

      It sounds like you have either a gate valve or a gasketed throttling valve as the shut-off valve to your house. These are older style valves, are prone to leaking and/or getting stuck, and should be replaced with newer full bore “quarter turn” valve (called a “ball valve”).

      Hope this helps.

      NtP nicktheplumber2012-05-16 15:46:24

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      It nothing works at last, you already know the option that what you should do. Don’t just wait to let the water flow in your home, call in a professional plumber to get it repaired as soon as you can.

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      Yes, totally agree with the fact that it would be best to let the professional plumbers do the job. Here is one link of the site:, for your reference to look for professional plumbing companies.robertshawn2012-11-05 17:59:33

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