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      Jamie Zoch

      Hi all,

      I live in a unit and have a leaking hot water tap. I want to turn off the hot water so i can change the washer. However I could only find a cold water shut off valve.

      I cannot turn off hot water. Does anyone know where abouts it could be in a unit? There is no hot water tank inside my unit, there seems to be 3 large ones outside though.

      Any ideas would be great.

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      A water heater should have a shut-off valve on its cold water inlet. so you need to locate your unit’s water heater and shut of the hot water while you work on the hot water valve to the washer. If for some reason your water heater was not installed with its own cold water supply shut-off, you’ll need to turn of the the main supply valve (and at that time install a shut-off to the water heater).

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      I totally agree with “nicktheplumber” that if your water heater is not installed with cold water supply, then you need to turn off the main the supply valve. If you are still facing problems, its the right time to call professionals.

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