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      kwok wai wong

      Good evening plumbing professionals. I manage an 80 room US military hotel in Okinawa. A contractor recently renovated every bathroom and removed the tubs in order to make smaller standup showers. Unfortunately, each shower still has the tub filler sticking out in its original location. They are soo old and rusty, the showers lose pressure due to faulty filler gaskets, PLUS they look horrible. I am looking for a decorative blanking plug that will not only plug the water, but have a plate attached or be flared so that it will also cover the jagged tile hole. I found one at a Japanese plumbing store, but they dont have or cannot get their hands on 80 more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.MikeConroy2012-03-31 17:31:09

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      The best and the easiest way to look for decorative blanking plug or bathroom sink vanities, is to search it online on Google.

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