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      Jim Meed

      Hi, thanks for helping. I live in SW Michigan w/high iron level, low pressure well water and am looking for most feasible correction. I’m a single mom on fixed income w/a salt system that was a waste of my $$$. It seems from my reading that theoretically an inline air injector may be all I need to solve issue? If so, can it be installed @ the well (my logic says all this rust/sediment has to be building up in my pipes all the way back to my well). Could this be why my water pressure is soooo low? Also seems like this would correct all of my water, inside and outside house. Staining is HORRIBLE)! There’s NO way I’m going to be able to afford ALL new plumbing and if I’m understanding correctly this will also eventually remove existing buildup in pipes as well. I would greatly appreciate professional expertise & guidance in finding cost effective, low maintenance, reliable solution from objective 3rd party. I appreciate you letting me pick your brain!

Viewing 0 reply threads
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