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      I had a septic field installed 2 years ago and it appears to be leaking. My property is on a gently sloping hill side and the ground probably has a pretty high clay content. I’m in a semi-rural area way out in the NW Chicago suburbs. The house is 50 years old. The 2nd septic field was probably put in in the mid 90s. (I found a first field that was no longer being used.) I bought the place in 2000 and noticed in 2008 the septic leaking. I had a friend who said he had experience installing these put in a new septic field in summer 2009. He used a Bio 2 Biodiffuser trench installation. I have not been able to find out who manufactures this product or where to find some information on installation instructions.

      From what I observed, he dug a trench about 3-feet deep and about 70-feet long. He laid in the 4″ plastic pipe and I helped him fit it up into the Bio2 chambers. It’s one continuous span 70-feet long. I’m sure the the length of the pipe sloped downwards enough to insure water would drain to the end. He backfilled it, I let it settle for a year and then planted grass over it.

      Now it appears to be leaking about halfway thru the 70-foot span. There is grey-mucky looking water coming up through my grass and it has a bit of an off-odor to it. While the leak is most noticeable at the halfway point, I think the grass is wetter than normal the entire last half of the 70-foot run.

      I know I need to get this fixed, but I could use some help to be sure I get it done right.

      How does one calculate the length of the trench and chamber set-up needed? I have a 3-bedroom home, 2 bathrooms, and while only one person lives here, I also run a business here which requires I do a LOT of laundry – approximately 30-35 machine loads a month. On one weekend a month I need to do about 15 loads of laundry over 2 days — that’s probably my main water usage.

      Can anyone tell me who the manufacturer is of the Bio 2 Biodiffuser chambers so I can get some installation information?

      How long does the septic field need to be and what configuration does that length need to be in?

      Does being on a slope matter? Right now we have the septic field trench running across the face of the slope.

      Any advice would be appreciated.

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