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      I am just starting to tackle my first plumbing job and have come across several leaking sloan flushometers. All have been leaking and needed a new vacuum breaker repair kit, which I have installed. Half of the fixed sloans then started to leak from the tailpiece coming from the stop control assembly. After fitting new o-rings on those, I’ve managed to stop the leaks there.
      On 2 of the toilets, however, a lew now springs from between the porcelain tank and the vacuum breaker pipe from this part:

      It looks like a new rubber seal/gasket is needed on that, but I don’t know the what the part is called and that is my main goal here.
      Also, since I’m just starting in the plumbing arena and am dealing primarily with sloan royals, if anyone can see a problem with what I did that has led to this and I am just not aware, could you enlighten me. THanks

      frenchyakamd2012-02-08 09:04:34

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      That should be the (F-5-A) 1-1/2″ (38 mm) Spud Coupling Assembly or different part number based on the diameter of your pipe. I use abou 1200 of these throughout our hotels and its always just the seal thats needed. Dont waste money buying the whole fitting.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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