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      James Tegoni

      Hello, I must say you have a very informative forum, so I sure hope you can assist me with my problem. We purchased our home nine years ago and it was about nine years old then of course the inspector found no faults, but I swear it was plumbed by a complete idiot! All water supply lines 1/2 in non of the outside taps afixed to the studs so when you try and change a faucet it just twists the pipe off in the wall, this is a little background for my problem. Problem- when we bought the house we never had any problems for at least 4 to 5 years then we started getting a strong septic smell when we ran the washing machine, there is no floor drain in this room just the wall drain for the washer. So after a while we had enough of this horrible smell every time we did a load of laundry and called out a local plumber he said the washer drain trap was set to low it measured 38in from top of drain to the bottom of the trap and it should only be 24in thus when the washer drained it flushed the trap of water and allowed the smell to be emitted. So of course I asked him for any solution to the problem, he said maybe try sealing the washer drain hose to the top of the drain pipe this might stop the smell from getting out. So I tried this with no noticeable results, so I cut a hole in the wall and cut the drain pipe down to 24in and resealed the lines together but still no difference. How can this be?? shouldn’t the natural U in the washer drain line act as a trap? I am just at a complete loss here, one final note this is a septic tank system. Thanks for any advice on this problem.    

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      Are you facing the drain problem right? May i know onething the water not drained completely or partially.The smell problem occurs because of stagnant water.Did you check the drain hose in floor level.

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