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      Any one got an Idea?
      I have a customer with a random problem of the hot water disappearing during a shower when an other fixture is used. The house has a 1″ service with A.O. Smith power vent water warmers. The main shower in question is piped with 3/4 (not sure why)and had a temp mixing vale and 2 on/off vales. 1 for handheld and other for the overhead.No body sprays.
      I did get it to do it for me when I flushed the toilet with shower running and about 45 sec after flushing the water cooled down dramatically and slowly came back up to temp.(50-60 sec). I never could duplicate this problem again while I was onsite. I’m guessing pressure balancing spool? But no pressure change ever took place.Any Ideas where to start at?

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      I think there is some problem in water transforming.

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