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      jack null

      Hi there

      I’m new to this and home diy.

      I’ve recently bought my first house and there is a shower in the pantry area as the previous tenant was elderly.

      we are wanting to remove the whole unit and replace it with a washing machine area. as there is a water feed in the position i am wondering how to block up the shower drainage hole??


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      We can resolve your problem. Call us at 1300 667 340.


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      According to my opinion it is better to go for leak detection services.These leak detection services can help in solving your problems. Apart from this it also helps in finding leaks and other water related problems.As prevention is better than cure so we should always keep on checking our pipes.

      Plumbing Leakage Detectionmartinharry2012-08-20 17:54:30

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      As you are facing leak in your pantry area and you want to block the shower drainage hole then it would be to call in professionals to do the job.

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      Experiencing a blocked shower, can someone confirm that when I take off the outer cover (that which normally stops items going down the drain) that there is something else that can be removed and cleaned.

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      sewage and drainage problem are common in every household. But plumber to the rescue offer expert plumbers for fix the all types of plumbing problems. Plumber to the rescue is very efficient and professional.

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      To get rid of this problem, you have to hire best plumber near your home. Just check their background of services before hiring them. So that they can help you in future and avoid future errors.magicplumbers2012-10-15 23:48:15

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      A blocked shower drain a sign of problems to come. With the right tool and instructions a clogged shower drain can be cleared in no time. If possible, consider taking help of professional plumbers only.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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