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      I want to put power flushing toilets in my building but to do that have to go from a 2″ to 3″
      water lines. I do not want to put those Sloan power tank flushers the ones that have a tank within a tank
      those are a maint. problem
      So I’m looking for some alternat piece of equipment.

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      Sir the “normal” size supply line to the “power assisted tank” is 3/8th of an inch.( not including the severe restriction the globe valve causes with a 1/4″ opening in many cases.)

      Using a 2″ supply pipe (Riser) I could take off 28.5 3/8 pipes to get the same volume.

      With a 3″ line I could supply 62+ toilets with a 3/8 supply to get the same volume.

      Are you sure your not thinking of a flushometer, like the Sloan Royal 110 etc instead of the Sloan Flushmate (Pressure assisted tank bladder) Good Luck in your Quest

Viewing 1 reply thread
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