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      51 yr old house with original main line from meter. Typical cinder block house with a carport and utility room from that era. Hot water heater is in the utility room opposite the carport. Previous owners converted carport into a garage and extended the garage area, inadvertently covering the original house inlet with a concrete pad. (I’m assuming the water heater connections were added later as the pipes go through an insulated hole in the utility room then down into the ground) 1.) main water line has to be replaced. 2.) will be adding a whole house water filter in the utility room 3.) will be replacing all in house plumbing which is a combo of old lead and old copper
      I will have to re-route the line because of a 50+ yr old oak tree in the back yard. The meter is about 40 feet from where I think the original house inlet is. I’d like to be able to run the line underground from the meter to the new cement pad, then, run that portion of the line over the top of the cement pad and insulate it, probably even box it in, attached to the house wall for a more finished look. Then, I’d like to create a new inlet by going through the cinder blocks into the area behind the kitchen wall. I’m fortunate that all of the inside plumbing is in one area behind that wall because the kitchen T-s off the two bathrooms. We do get the occassional freeze in central Florida, thus the need for the insulation for the above ground portion. Is this feasible? Any ideas are welcomed. This will be a diy job as funds are low given this economy.

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      Brass water services have a life expectancy in excess of 50 years. Brass is not a magnetic material. To test whether a water service is galvanized or brass a magnet can be used, galvanized is magnetic. These materials can appear similar to the naked eye. Both brass and galvanized pipe are threaded pipe, however brass is a legal material in NYC and has a much longer life expectancy.

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      I have read your post about the plumbing problems you are facing in the 51 year old house you are living. As you are looking to change the pipelines in the house, it would be best to consider taking help of professional plumbers for right planning and work at an affordable price.

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