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      When we run water from our ensuite, for about
      30-45 mintues afterwards we can hear a “dripping”
      noise coming from the roof (from where the pipes
      run overhead).

      We have checked in the roof and there is no leaking
      water. What could this noise be?


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      This noise may be from expansion and contraction of the hot water pipes.

      If it is, you will need a plumber to place an inert material between the pipe and and what it is sitting on. Other remedial action may be required.

      All the best,

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      if you are in a room say downstairs under the ensuite within your home and you are able to hear a noise that sounds like a drip or drop of water
      then can i suggest that the last of the water from the cistern of your toilet has not stopped flowing and that it takes the time for the cistern
      to fill fully and then shut down before the noise stops.
      one of the ways to check this is to put a tissue on the wall of the toilet bowl, up high near the top rim and see if this tissue gets wet.
      You will need to flush the toilet, wait for the nosie to stop and then apply the tissue or even your fingers laid flat on the bowl will do the
      same for you. If the tissue or your fingers get wet then the cistern needs some attention, like washers changed or outlet valve checked
      for distortion, I am sure that your local plumber would be able to assist.in fixing the problem.
      All the best to you

Viewing 2 reply threads
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