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      I have talked with the owner of a bed and breakfast
      in my home town. He has a problem with hot water.
      It seems that there is such a length of pipe that
      there is often a long delay before hot water gets to
      gets to the shower if you are the first guest to shower.
      We talked about a return pump that would circulate
      the water in the pipes when it is not in use.
      Could the water be returned to the water heater
      periodically to be reheated. If so, where would one
      place the pump? I suspect that the best choice would
      immediately outside of the hot water heater. Would
      another placement make more sense or be more practical.
      Thank you for your assistance

      Max Overton
      661 Middle Creek Rd.
      Sevierville, Tennessee 37862

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      Have you ever thought about placing an instant
      hot water heater next to the bath room? It has a
      thermostat on it so it would shut off when the hot
      water got to it. Let me know what you think.

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      The pipe along side my building’s water heater makes a clicking sound continuously. Someone advised me it may be the input regulator. In any event, is there a way to elimninate this noise, and if not is there at least a way to reduce it. The noise seems to come from inside the pipe, and the noise resonates into my apartment through my kitchen exhaust fan, heater, and bathroom fan. Please help! My building management doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong here, and I need to advise them appropriately in order to get them to take action.

      Ben Meltzer

Viewing 2 reply threads
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