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      When the water shuts off on the dishwasher or shower the pipes
      make a loud rumble for several seconds. What causes it
      and how do I fix it?



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      the problem that you have is not uncommon and can usually be fixed by the installation of a water hammer arrestor. The sudden shut off of the water
      supply to the dish washer causes the pipes to hammer or shuder as you have described.
      There are a number of model and types available and
      they should be fitted by a licenced plumber.
      I do not know where you live but if it is in Australia then use the
      good quality plumbers that are availble with the system.

      colin Dunn

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      I have the same problem in my home. When the
      washing maching kicks on it seems to set off a toilet
      stool at the end of the hall (other end of house)
      and then the copper pipes rattle like a fright
      train for anywhere from a few seconds to a few
      minutes. At the same time the stool valve seems
      to kick on and let more water into the tank. Some
      times this is everytime the valve opens in the
      automatic washer and other times it goes away for
      days and then starts again. What have you found
      out from others? Would you mind sharing? Have
      you found the solution?

      Allen Blezek

Viewing 2 reply threads
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