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      I have an electric water heater that keeps tripping the circuit breaker. No wires are chafed, and everything has power going to it.
      Unit is 1yr. old, and installed by an electrician.

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      It may have been installed by an electrician but was it installed properly?
      check for di-electric connectors, PROPER ground, heater grounded to a GROUND and not pipeing.
      It sounds like element may be shorted out due maybe to electrolisis or possiably bad circuit breaker or overloaded circuit.
      hot water heater should be on it’s own circuit ONLY!
      Check the amperage draw of heater and compare to whats listed on lable and breaker amperage.
      It may just be a weak breaker but check all of above.
      good luck

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      If the “circuit breaker” is the upper limit cutout with the red button at the top of your water heater, then it could be a defective lower or upper thermostat or a shorted heating element. If so, my website has a trouble shooting guide for electric water heaters.


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Viewing 2 reply threads
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