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      Dear Nicholas

      We acknowledge receipt of your Internet enquiry and hope the following information is helpful.

      – Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing is used extensively for the exact examples of use that you gave.
      – Yes it will work on PVC, Copper, Steel, Cast iron etc. Obviously PVC being a poor conductor of energy to freeze the pipe requires a greater time.
      – It is important when freezing pipes that you do not freeze over joints or bends, keep to straight lengths of pipe.

      Liquid Nitrogen requires to be stored under pressure in a thermal vessel and for costing, I suggest you talk to your local BOC agent or equivalent.

      For freezing pipes say between 15mm – 50mm, you require to encase a section of pipe about 12″ long.

      Instant Pipe Freezing & Nitrogen Supplies Pty Ltd


      Instant Pipe Freezing & Nitrogen Supplies Pty Ltd

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