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      I have a copper hot water pipe encased in the foundation of a home that cracked during the earthquake. I have removed a two foot section of the concrete and repaired the crack by using els with the repair floating above the original pipe. If I don’t anker down the repaired section, is it possible that I may cause a water hammer and burst the repair either at the els.

      Do you know the answer? If yes, please let me know so that
      I can forward it.

      Thank you.

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      Morning Peter,
      The earthquake I hope did not do too much damage
      to your property or person.Bye the way in which
      country do you live?
      Getting on to your question on the repairs that
      you have done or are going to do.
      The method proposed sounds reasonable but can I
      suggest that you get a plumber and ask them to
      replace with wider radius copper bends,silver
      brazed to join onto the existing copper.
      The pipe and bends rreally should be laid in line
      as apposed to riding on top off as this former way
      may at some time cause an air lock to occur.
      Fill the space around itr with sand and concrete
      the last bit of the hole.
      Let me know if this makes sense to you.

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      I am a poured wall contractor who regularly places
      the hot water pipes in the footing in the manner described.
      I recently had a plumber tell me that the concrete could
      eat away at the copper pipe over time. He said he had seen
      this happen. I find this highly unlikely given the low
      reactivity of copper and inertness of concrete after it has
      cured. Please clear this up for me. Thank-you.


      Ty Henry
      TMT Poured Walls
      Swartz Creek, MI
      48473 U.S.A.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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