water line issues b/w shower and p-trap h20 line

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      I have a hot water tank in a ‘closet’ next to the bathroom (all on the second floor). I had a leak fixed from the hot water tank drain pan where it attaches into the floor drain (water was leaking through to the ceiling on the first floor). There are two pipes discharging into the tank’s floor pan drain: the tank’s overflow pipe and a small copper water supply line coming from the wall. The plumber told me that little copper line is supposed to drip a little water into the floor drain/p-trap, but the problem is it gushes water whenever I turn the shower lever on. It doesn’t happen when just the tub water is running.

      The plumber securing the little copper line so its pulled further down into the drain to prevent the water from splashing upwards into the drain pan. Will all that pressure of the water eventually cause leaking of the plastic/pvc(?) pipes down the line? Should I get the problem investigated and fixed (which would require opening up a few different walls including my bathtub surround) or can I leave it be?

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      i agree. this is the kind of issue if not identified by a expert plumber can come back and bite you. Be very careful in these situations. Its much cheaper to remove the wall that it will to fix potentially bigger problems should they arise.

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