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      Patrick Durham

      Our well has an old 80 gallon galvanized tank. A friend gave me a replacement tank that has a bladder. The first thing I noticed is that the new tank has one inlet vs. three on the old one. I “assume” I have to plumb both the inlet and outlet through one connection???? Also, on the old tank, there is an outlet for the pressure/shut-off gauge.

      I would like to know what I need to do to have the new tank connect and function properly.blue

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      Hello pro-driver and welcome to MasterPlumbers.com!

      In regards to your situation,

      Here is a video of a water pump system I worked on last year that will show you the design of a bladder type tank system that will be the correct piping diagram that makes the changes from a captive air tank to a precharged bladder tank.

         Precharged Bladder Tank

      DUNBAR2011-02-13 14:11:49

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