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      We have a bathroom sink faucet that is (probably) quite old; might even be original with the 35 yr old house.

      It’s the typical two-handled type, all mounted on a base, with the spigot coming out of the middle.

      This probably isn’t too important, but just for info., there is no drain closure or pull-up knob or lever anywhere on it.

      Hope that this this might help peg the unit ?

      We found the name of the unit, but no model number.

      The name is “DELEX”.

      I’ve never heard of it, but a Google search seems to imply that it’s a older Delta brand.

      What would you suggest that I purchase that stands a reasonable chance of being the right size ? I know that Delta has several kits for bathroom sink two-handled faucet repairs, but they seem to be model specific ?

      Is there a “universal” repair kit from Delta that would fit most any of them ?

      Or,…? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

      Much thanks,

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      Thanks for joining and in regards to your questions:

      “Delex” is a cheap knockoff from Delta. If you purchase original parts from Delta, they will work inside that Delex Faucet you own. Lots of different manufactures have copied the design of Delta due to its reliability. Hope this helps.

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      Its true that there are many cheap brands of bathroom sinks, available in market. Hence, make sure that you are buying the right bathroom sink of great quality which can last longer for years.

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      Consider taking help of professional plumbing services who can help you to get your Delex brand bathroom faucet repair perfectly. Here is one link of such site:

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      Delex brand bathroom faucets are very popular among home owners for bathroom because of its quality and low prices. I am sure that the problem would be minor and it can be easily solved by calling in plumbers.

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      Performing a bathroom faucet repair is pretty straightforward. You just need a few minutes and a Philips screwdriver and you can fix the leak without even the need for a plumber.

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