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      Peter Djurovich

      Last year, my water bill when up about thirty dollars. Off and on all year my bill has fluctuated between near normal and thirty dollars higher.     Consumption averages about 7500. Here is a list of last years:

      Dec 09    12100

      Jan 10    11600

      Feb       9900

      Mar       6800

      Apr       6800

      May       8500

      Jun       6400

      Jul       6400

      Aug       11100

      Sep       5900

      Oct       7700

      Nov       9900

      Dec       16000

      Jan       15300

      Each month pretty much had the same normal water usage for our family. We live on a farm and our water line is about 600 ft from the mainline. I shut off the main valve at our home and check the water leak indicator (small triangle) on the meter. It did not move. However after about 5 minutes is moved suddenly, but smoothy from the 5 o clock position to the 7 o clock position. So I recorded the following:

      6 mins link indicator moved from 7 o clock to 8:30

      17 mins ”                  “from 8:30 to 9:00

      5 mins ”                 ” from 9:00 to 10:00

      8 mins ”                 ” from 10:00 to 12:00

      8 mins 15 secs ”          ” from 12:00 to 1:30

      There was not continuous movement with the leak indicator, just smooth small increments after extended periods. This line does go to a horse waterer at our barn, which is not leaking. It also goes through our creek in a duck pipe. I sure would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks

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      Suffering from water line leaks, it would be best to get it repaired by taking help of professional plumbers, who can do it for you at an affordable price.

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      Totally agree with the above comment that you should call in professional plumbers, just make sure that they have got the license to do the job.

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      I have an 07 Diplomat that I am having a water leak at the hose reel connection. I replaced the hose and re clampled it to the reel connection however it continues to leak around the hose end. Tried some different clamps and some cpvc adhesive and still no luck.

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      I suggest that you get the help of a professional plumber to fix your problem.

      plumbing service       

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      As per my knowledge, burst and leaks can be result of variety of reasons including their age and structure, general wear and tear, and even vibrations from heavy traffic.

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