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      we had our septic system pumped this past July for the first time since we purchased the house 10 years ago because the drain field area was wet and there was an awful stench around the house. All has been fine until approx. one week ago. I noticed that my dogs have dug 3 to 4 holes in the yard right where the drain field is. Each of these holes in filled with sewage and the stench is back. Any idea what the problem could be?

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      Hello bpendrak and welcom to!

      To answer your question,

      More than likely your leach field has failed, as effluent is collecting and not dissipating through the topsoil. I would recommend someone who is an expert in this type of work to discuss with you what is in your best option to correct the problem.

      Unfortunately it might involve equipment to dig up and solve the issue.

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      septic tank system around the year 1860. The septic tank system is believed to have originated from the country

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      The most important system in our home is the septic tank. Therefore, it is very important to pump them regularly, as it gets blocked due to accumulated waste products and to increase the life of the septic tanks.clarasmithh0012012-12-11 20:41:36

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