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      barry dauphinee

      Is there a quick way to unstick the water turnoff valve behind a toilet? My home is 26 yrs old and I need to shut off the water but the valve won’t budge. Also, I need a special tool to turn the water off at the street. Any ideas on how to get the valve to move?

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      Using pliers will either free it or break the handle. Either will be acceptable, since it is no good the way it is now. If the handle breaks, change the valve.

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      the special tool you spoke of is called a street key. you can usually purchase these 3-6ft long tools at a hardware store that handles alot of contractors or you can pick one up at home improvement stores.either way i would suggest getting one if that is the only way you have to shut off the water to your house as that water can do tremendous damage. even if you take a wrench to that angle stop(the valves true name) you still run thae risk of creating a leak.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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