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      Without tearing out all the hardware in an old toilet, how can I get it to stop running. We have tried a new rubber ball, but it seems to let the water run through as well. Any ideas?

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      Sometimes there are other problems that cause the water to keep running. If you have tried the correct style flapper or ball replacement for your toilet and the flush valve seating area is in good shape(no gaps or debris), check out the bowl refiller tube that runs from the ballcock valve to the overflow tube.Sometimes when these are stuck too far down the overflow they can create a siphon situation.Make sure that this tube is not extended below tank water level.Another hard to spot problem is a hole in the overflow tube which allows water from the tank to seep through to the bowl.This is more common on brass overflows but sometimes a crack can be found in the plastic variety.Look down the tube with a flashlight and see if you can tell if either of these is the culprit.Hope these are of help!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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