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      I have a faucet which leaks, kind of drips. I dismantled it and found that the seats and or springs seemed worn. The one seemed stuck in, and when I removed them, there was a kind of black “sauce” which I can only assume is warn bits of rubber.

      I took them into home depot but they didn’t have anything that was the same. Can anyone help me identify the manufacturer and or where I can get suitable replacements?

      I have images here: http://picasaweb.google.com/113627950744008415578/FaucetAdventure#

      In your wisdom I am humbled,


      I am not able to view the image. I don’t know why. It may be the problem with my browser. If you post the picture here in forum, it would be easy to see faucet and recognize the manufacturer.

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      They aren’t the greatest pics in the world, but hopefully good enough.



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      Go to http://photobucket.com and upload your pictures there, then click on the image html url path and post back on this thread. The pictures you posted are red’s.

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      Thank you for the assistance. The URLs I used for my pictures were temporary I guess. So despite them working for me when I posted, they quickly became inaccessible.

      The springs are the same as “old style delta” in every way, but about 2/3 the length. Delta seats are too fat (I bought a pack with old style and new). Depicted below (hopefully LOL) are my original seats and springs.

      I actually tried replacing my existing springs by shortening some of the delta ones, although it made the seats press against the yin-yang mixing plate more there was no change in leakiness.

      If unidentifiable, can the whole mechanism be replaced with a standard thing or would I need a plumber to change the little 4-way pipe box (depicted above) that receives the cartridge stem thing to fit a different make? The black part which holds the seats and springs (in the image above) seems pretty “in there” and I was hesitant to try and force it out, maybe it is removable and replaceable with something more common.

      Hopefully, the pictures will work this time. If not, I will serve them off my computer like a man. The preview thing has once again shown the images, but yeah…



      I believe that I have identified it as a Price Pfister 8 Series pre-2004. So it is replaced in two parts:

         974-291 (cartridge) and,

         971-250 (bonnet assembly)

      A post 2004 has a single piece design (974-042)



      A dripping bathtub faucet can be an inconvenience and can be caused from a variety of plumbing issues. And its important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Fixing your leaky bathtub faucet will not only save you money on your water bills, it will prevent unsightly stains from forming in your bathtub.

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      I’m lucky I didn’t listen to this guy and cut the stem. I have an older faucet and I couldn’t match it

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      I also agree that its really hard to match an older faucet. Hence, make sure that you have considered taking help of professional and well experienced plumber before taking any step.

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