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      I was flushing out my drain that had a clog where the kitchen sink drain and bathroom sink drain connect. I used a test plug to plug the breather pipe to my kitchen sink drain and put an “expanding hose dong thingy” down the other breather pipe to the bathroom sink and flushed it out. All is well.

      When I went to take the test plug out of the one breather pipe, somehow the rubber part of it fell down the pipe! Oh… !@#$#@%!@

      The only thing I can think to do is to completely remove the breather pipe to get at the bottom of it. Please tell me someone makes some type of grabber or something to get something stuck out of a pipe. It’s standard size kitchen drain pipe.

      Any other thoughts or suggestions? I can’t use my sink drain until I get this thing out or it’ll probably get stuck in further down the line where I can’t reach it.


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      I would go to your local automotive supply chain in your area, they’ll have a device that is spring loaded that expands 3 metal tongs that draw together.

      This might be one of many abilities to remove it, short of a small hosed shop vaccum.

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      Agree with you.

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