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      I have an inground swimming pool that is plumbed entirely with schedule 40 PVC (think above-gound and under-ground through concrete).

      I installed a new 1.5 hp pool pump and the threads on the exiting 2′ male PVC connecter have failed twice. Being a novice I assume the threads are failing because the water pressure is greater than what the threads were made for.

      I would like to use a 2″ Male copper connecter and attach it to the existing schedule 40 PVC. What is the preferred method to do so?

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      What thread sealing material are you using on the threads to make them watertight?

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      Threaded adapters are for adapting un-threaded pipe to a threaded connection of the same material. Like a PVC pipe into a PVC filter housing that has threaded connections.
      To connect metal pipe to plastic pipe you need to use a special fitting designed for the job that can handle the different expansion rates and maintain a seal.
      DUNBAR2011-11-30 16:33:27

Viewing 2 reply threads
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