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      James Richard Landers

      I have a waste pipe in the floor that goes to somewhere , not sure exactly as it just disapears into the groud, we have the dish washer and washing machine waste pipes in it, every now and then we get a really bad rotten eggs smell in the house that we think may originate from that pipe ( not 100% sure) can anyone tell me what it could be etc???

      DUNBAR2010-10-06 15:22:53

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      You can follow the dishwasher and washing machine drain to the same pipe?

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      Drainage is the disposal of excess water on land (either used or in form of storm water). It must be distinguished from flood control which is the prevention of damage as a result of overflow from river.

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      Stagnant water in your washer also create a smell. Did you check whether the machine had a water or not…

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