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      Paul McCormack

      House is 7 years old, built on slab, pex in slab copper above.

      Water supply is City Well water unfiltered.A whole house Big Blue filter was installed to remove high levels of Manganese and Iron after moving in and observing brown water in the bath tubs. This cleared up the colored water problem.

      About 3 years ago we started to see dirt/grit when we turned on the hot water for the bath tub, ONLY noticed in the hot water. After many visits by the plumber we had the hot water tank, expansion tank and recirc pump replaced. THE PROBLEM STILL EXISTS !!!!! More than 1 local plumber is stumped as to the cause. There does not appear to be any leaks anywhere in the system, the water meter was observed with nothing turned on.

      Does anyone have any ideas as what the cause may be? Again only hot water and all new hardware except for behind the wall plumbing.

      Thank You


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      Well Mr. Copp, I just answered this question in another post. Actually when the water heater tank become old(say 3-4 years), it accumulates some water scales and lime in the tank.I think you should try to clean the tank once. As you said that this dirt is coming only when you start the hot water supply. This is happening because there is dirt in tank. You can also give a try to the connections. Ask your plumber to do this. All the best.

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      I have the very same problem with grit in the hot water only. Rheem told me the problem was due to the anode rod. I replaced it and the grit is still there. Did anyone have a solution to this problem? My next step, short of a solution, is to send a sample to a lab for analysis.

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      Have you checked the filter in the “blue” cylinder, it may have a split in it or be choked up with grit and muck, changing the filter to the correct micron rating may assist with your problem.

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      Selgas must be referring to the whole house sediment filter located at the incoming water supply. Even if clogged with grit, it would not explain why grit is in the hot water ONLY.

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