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      Paul Haddon

      I need to dismantle a Reba Ware dual flush to get to a leaking O ring/flapper. It is part of a Fowlerware system circa 1985. I understand that after dismantling arms to dual flush etc that the unit should respond to downward pressure and turning the unit anticlockwise, like a bayonet fit after which the entire internal mechanism comes away. This model has guides where it locks but NO bayonet locking mechanism. How else could it be locked? Got me beat. There has to be a simple answer but can’t find any more info on the internet tks

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      I have answered my own question. By using a mirror and looking back up (from the side) there are lugs for locking. By noting the direction to turn and knowledge of how far to turn this gives the confidence to apply turning pressure to the arch mechanism. I have 2 toilets. The first took 2 days to figure out, the second 10 minutes to complete!

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      Thanks for sharing this information. Actually, one of my friend is facing same problems with Reba ware dual flush mechanism. I am sure that your answer would help her out with the problems.

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      Its really great to learn that you have yourself managed to dismantle the Reba ware dual flush mechanism, as not many would be able to do it without taking the help of professional plumbers.

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