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      Paul Funnell

      Whenever I turn on my washing machine which is a few feet from my water heater,the water heater knocks and sounds like there are rocks bouncing around inside it. Any ideas on what this is?

      Thanks, Todd.

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      Check if the vibration of your washing machine is causing the water heater to vibrate as well. A water heater has no internal moving parts therefore it will not vibrate and knock on its own.

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      Just a thought – if you live in a hard water area then the knocking or banging sounds you hear when the water heater lights up could well be deposits of calcium or lime which have built up in the cylinder itself – depending on weather the cylinder is gas or electric powered it may or may not be able to have the build up removed.

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      I think the sound does not come from the water heater. If it is, I think you have to flush the heater soon. Most of the problems occur when the water heater is not flushed well. Usually water heaters should be flushed once a year. Maybe it could be a sign that your water heater need to be replaced. Thanks.


      plumbing DUNBAR2010-10-26 16:24:56

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      he piping from the top of the water heater used to go inside the wall and then down to the crawl space. Now you can see the piping until it disappears below the house. Oh, and very near the water heater, the piping to the washing machine is also exposed within the wall.
      The primary concern is that the piping is protected from potential traffic damage, pedestrian and vehicular.
      Code officials will not prenent the house from passing inspection because of exposed pipes in the manner you described, but you will need to cover them before you sell the house. A home inspector would require them to be covered, even though you have not violated any code standards.
      DUNBAR2011-11-30 16:30:38

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      Its important to make sure that you are getting your water heater regularly serviced and maintained to avoid such problems. And, if the knocking sound occurs only when you turn on the hot water, it means that the water heater is set too high.

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      My water heater is also knocking pretty loud for the last 10-12 months. I have tried almost everything to troubleshoot it, but it seems that at last I have to take help or professional heating repair service provider.briancooper2013-03-07 15:38:57

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      Sounds like you need a plumber fast!

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      Water Heaters are a necessary household appliance that supplies all of your warm water needs, from cooking to bathing. However there are common issues shared amongst many across the nation when it comes to this wonderful commodity.

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