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      James Richards


      I don’t know if i’m in the right forum, but my problem is this: in our shower there is a hot water and cold water tap. I turned on the hot water tap at almost full counter clockwise then hot (almost boiling water) will come out of the shower then I just open the cold water tap by merely/neglible turn and the water becomes suddenly too cold?!! The hot water tap is in almost fully turned counter clockwise while the cold water tap is only a fraction of an inch been turned counterclockwise but still cold water is overpowering the hot water!

      Pls advise what is the problem, thanks!

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      You are in the right forum, so don’t worry. Now here is the answer of your question. You said that water is not coming uniformly even if it is hot water or cold water. The reason I feel is that there is the problem with fixture or connection. You may give a try to checking out the connections of both the taps up to the source. If you are not aware and don’t know much about plumbing, you can alternatively call a plumber and let him check it out for you. No big issue. It will be solved easily. robsam2010-08-22 03:42:57

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