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      Jason Morjaria

      I bought my house 7 years ago and for the past month have been getting leaks everywhere from my IPEX piping from my Hydronic Air heating system. Fix one, another leak appears. Every plumber’s visit is adding up. In addition I have tenants in there and supposedly by law, I cannot turn off the heating system because I have to provide heat to them year round (even though it is summer). I already contact IPEX and if it is determined the pipe is bad they only warranty the materials. Which is peanuts because the money is all in the labor.

      So the plumber says it looks like there are other leaks and parts of the pipe deteriorating and that I will need to repipe the whole house.

      I am trying to figure out if I should repipe or just reinstall a whole new heating system. A neighbor across the street is looking into a split ductless system.

      If I do repipe, how do I find someone good? My worst fear is repiping and then another 7 years from now I get all these leaks again.

      My property manager is also suggesting I file a home insurance claim for this. I’m not sure if that is a good idea?

      Any help or suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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