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      Hello, I have a Vaillant Geyser Mag 250/6 instant water heater. The pilot light went out. I can light it (using a gas lighter) however the burners do not work when I put the hot water on. When I put the knob to the first position ‘*’ the light stays on. I then move the know to ‘I’ whilst I hold it fire stays on, let go and the fire goes out. When I move it to the last position the knob moves out and the pilot goes out. So the pilot light only stays lit at the ‘*’. Any ideas?

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      To “reset” one of these heaters you should press or slide the control valve to completely the OFF position and leave it for a few minutes, this allows the safety device to reset correctly. Then go through the relighting process as per the instruction plate, if after following the process correctly the pilot continues to go out when the slide or button is released there is a problem with the pilot and or safety device ( thermocouple ) at this point you should in the interests of safety contact a local service person to put the matter right.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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