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      Hello, I currently have a hot/cold water tap that is being used for both my washing machine and as a normal tap. Both hot and cold taps have 2 adjustable handles on each of them, allowing me to run the washing machine and also use the taps for general usage. I seem to have a lot of troubles with these taps with leaking etc and the plumber told me they are not good. Does anyone know of a good idea for running both a normal tap and a washing machine from the same single tap? I know I could have another seperate line put in place for the washing machine only and this would free up the general use tap, but is this expensive? If so what else could I do? Does anyone have any advice or picture of ideas? Thanks alot.

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      The problem with using just one set of single taps will allow for mixing of hot and cold when the washing machine is operating or in standy mode.

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