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      Hi, I have a Junkers PowerControl gas water heater in my apartment. I don’t know the exact model and I don’t have the manual (we were supplied with a wrong one). I searched for a model number but there doesn’t seem to be one on the casing. If it’s any help, it’s a simple and cheap one. No frills. Just a slider for gas flow, a knob for water flow and the ignition striker button.

      The problem I’m facing is that the pilot light is extinguished from time to time, usually during the night when water usage is low. I had it fixed a couple of months ago but the problem seems to have returned.

      What makes it especially annoying is that I can’t light it up again. I’m following the right steps to my mind (and it used to work).

      I move the slider which controls the gas flow to a central position which allows it to be pushed down. Gas starts to flow (I can even hear it). I then push the striker button which generates the spark required to trigger the ignition. However, now there is no spark. Looks like some kind of plastic valve beneath the heater is leaking water as well. (This must have appeared when I was looking under the hood)

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      Where are you located it may throw some light on your particular model you have there. In any case the model is shown on the “data” plate located at the right hand side on the rear back panel only visable when the outer cover is removed.

      Water leaking from the plastic valve at the bottom of the unit would indicate a gland or diaphram is passed it’s used by date and is in need of replacement, the lack of spark at the pilot burner may be caused by a number of different things including a wet or damp electrode or lead feeding the same – trace the spark electrode high tension lead back to the ignitor and check for any cracks or rubbing against any metal work which would cause the spark to “track out” instead of going to the electride tip at the burner it could short out causing the lack of spart at the pilot. Hope this helps.

      Given you already have a water leak at the unit I would feel a whole safer in advising you to get a Bosch Service Agent to attend to the unit in the name of consumer safety.Selgas2010-01-05 13:59:14

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