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      Cintia Uchida Rodrigues

      Hi. Dos anyone know of a plumbing company in the Los Angeles area that can smoke test the vent system at a residence?

      We have an odor problem in the house and there are no visible signs of a leak. I have read about a smoke test where the roof vents are capped off and the main drain plugged. Smoke is then injected into the plumbing to see if it leaks out from anywhere.

      While the odor does not smell like sewage, we can not pin point the exact location of the smell. We would like to rule out a simple vent leak.

      We have been unable to find a company that actually does this kind of work in Los Angeles.


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      Did you try Jack Stephan Plumbing? Let us know if they was the plumbing contractor that did your work.

      Smoke testing is relatively easy to do and consists of blowing air by method of a leaf blower and either a 90 second emitter or 3 minute emitter.

      Drop this smoke emitter in a wire looped hanger and allow the bomb to smoke inside the pipe. You then point the blower in the direction of the house from the outside and have others check indoors for signs of a leak.

      Replacing the wax rings on the toilets might be a good first start for process of elimination of this smell.

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