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      Joan Skar

      Hi Guys,

      I live in a two floor maisonette and changed my bathroom taps recently, Although I turned off the water at the mains quite of bit of water flowed onto the bathroom floor from inside the copper pipes(Estimate 2-4 pints)

      Anyhow my neighbour has had a small drip directly under where the job took place and has been dripping for a week.(albeit very tiny drips)

      Could it be possible that the water is being absorbed in the ceiling and slowly dripping downstairs until the water runs out so to speak?

      Does that sound normal or is there a bigger problem that lies elsewhere?

      Any advice/help in this matter would be gratefully received.

      Warm Regards

      Tony G.

      tonygee2009-11-14 03:43:52

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      I would wait and see if it persists, wait a few more days.

      If it continues than quite possibly there is a connection that has loosened or has been disturbed.

      Let us know if this by chance is the situation.

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      This is a pipe related problem. I had a similar one last month which was resolved fast via emergency plumbing in Toronto.DUNBAR2009-12-17 17:19:43

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      Hi all

      I forgot I posted here, It’s all fixed now, I needed a washer as it was slightly leaking from a ‘blind spot’.

      Thanks for the replies.tonygee2009-12-14 17:49:01

Viewing 3 reply threads
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